Nokia to reveal new Lumia at May 14 event

Nokia to reveal new Lumia at May 14 event
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An invite has gone out inviting media to an event in London, where Nokia promises that we'll "See what's next" on the Lumia front.

"The Nokia Lumia story continues," the invite adds.

The invite also features a 60:40 colour block split: the larger side features thin pale blue stripes reminiscent of a banker's suit lining, under which you can just make out the hint that we'll 'see what's next'.

Meanwhile, the smaller part is in stock Nokia blue with white writing in bold and slim typeface, accompanied by the boxy Nokia logo.

Now we've told you literally everything about the invite, which you can also see above if all this is a bit TL;DR for you.

Stop, speculate and listen

What do we expect this to be? Well, if Nokia is flying a bunch of international journalists over to London for the big storytelling sesh, we can only assume we're in for something high-end.

That means we could be looking at the launch of the Nokia Catwalk, rumoured to be the follow-up to the Lumia 920 with an aluminium body but fairly similar specs aside from that.

Or the next chapter could feature the Nokia EOS, said to be a quad-core Windows Phone handset featuring that insane 41MP camera last seen on the 808 Pureview.

Or it could be both! One thing's for sure, whatever's unveiled better be more impressive than the Finns' mid-range MWC 2013 offerings or we'll be quite put out.

TechRadar will be on the ground at the event on May 14 so stay tuned for all the news as it breaks.

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