Nokia releases updates for older Symbian handsets

Symbian love all 'round
Symbian love all 'round

Nokia has launched some software updates for handsets running Symbian 3.2 and Symbian 5.0, including an upgraded browser and Ovi Maps.

Although Symbian^3 and its forthcoming Anna update are the most advanced of the Symbian crew, it's only available on newer phones like the Nokia N8; older phones are now getting a bit of update love.

The Symbian update brings with it the Nokia browser v7.3 which is the same web browsing software that will be coming to the Anna update. This means faster browsing, international domain name support and compatibility with other scripts like Arabic and Chinese.

What fun

Also en route to the aging handsets is an updated Ovi Maps app; Symbian 3.2 handsets, like the Nokia E72, Nokia E5 and Nokia C5-00, will get indoor positioning via Wi-Fi and location-based recommendations from Lonely Planet.

Symbian 5.0 phones, including the Nokia C6-00, Nokia X6 and Nokia N97 Mini, will enjoy Ovi Maps public transport info and social networking check-ins.

Oh, and all devices will be getting a new set of emoticons in case you want to communicate through MMS and text messages like it's 2001.

Nokia sure is putting a lot of effort into making Symbian users feel loved, now that it has cast the OS aside in favour of Windows Phone 7.

The staggered roll out will begin today, with Nokia C6-00 and 5230 first on the download schedule and the rest following over the coming weeks.

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