Nokia 515 hopes to bring style to the budget feature phone crowd

Nokia 515 hopes to bring style to the budget feature phone crowd
Nokia 515 - style on a budget

Nokia has announced its latest addition to the feature phone market: the Nokia 515.

The Finnish phone giant knows that there's still plenty of life in the feature phone market and that's why it is still releasing handsets like the Nokia 515 - not everyone cares if their phone has the power to fling furious feathered fowl.

According to Simon Barker, Nokia's program manager, feature phones still make up one half of global handsets sold and Nokia is one of the few manufacturers still chipping away at that crowd.

This doesn't mean that the Nokia 515 is a throwaway device, though, as it is pushing the idea that the phone is one for the style conscious, even going as far as saying it will be a phone that you will be "proud to own."

Light weight

We're not sure how much pride you can take in something that offers just a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD display but it does look half decent and is definitely light - weighing in at just 102.7g and measuring a mere 114 x 48 x 11mm.

Given that it's a feature phone, there's not much to shout about in the way of additional extras. But there is a handy 5MP camera on board, which comes coupled with a voice-guided Self Portrait camera - this was first seen (heard) on the Nokia 301.

There will be a dual SIM variant available as well and the handset is 3.5G compatible. As for memory, there is only 256MB of on-board space, but a microSD card slot is a welcomed addition.

Battery life is decent too, with Nokia quoting up to 10.4hrs (but half that if you're using the 3G).

There's no word on a Nokia 515 release date for the UK or US, but it will be arriving in Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Poland as of next week, for a not-too shabby 115 Euros.

Check out the video below:

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