Mythical Nokia Normandy Android phone spied again, status still unknown

Mythical Nokia Normandy Android phone spied again, launch status still a mystery
What price a Nokia Android phone in 2014?

First it was on, then it was off, now we just don't know. The rumoured Nokia smartphone running Android has reportedly appeared online again, with its launch status still anyone's guess.

The handset - codenamed Normandy - was may have become the first Nokia handset to adopt Google's operating system, word would have it, but Microsoft's purchase of Nokia appeared to kill the prospects.

Regardless of whether it's coming or not, it hasn't stopped that prolific Twitter leak artist @evleaks from giving the world another look at what the handset might look like, if it ever graced us with its presence.

The purported press render is much like previous leaks, only this time it appears in a range of colours including lime green, while, yellow, red, blue and black.

What might have been

Just last week reports claimed the handset had been shelved, largely due to Microsoft's recently announced stewardship of its big Windows Phone manufacturing partner.

According to the report from Chinese blog CTech, the team experimenting with Android is now working on wireless charging tech instead; suggesting that might just be that.

With a launch now somewhat of a long shot, the Nokia Normandy might just end up being one of those tech 'what might have been' stories.

If Nokia had embraced Android three years ago then, most observers would say, it wouldn't have had to sell out to Microsoft in the first place, but sadly we'll never know.

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