The Android phone Nokia may or may not have been making may or may not have been shelved

The Android phone Nokia may or may not have been making may or may not have been shelved
RIP little guy

Last week word broke that Nokia was working on an Android phone code-named Normandy - but now the rumour mill says the Nokia prototypes have been shelved.

Chinese site CTech now says the cheap Android devices that Nokia has been experimenting with over the past couple of years will not see the light of day - supposedly this has nothing to do with Nokia's devices sale to Microsoft but we can't imagine that will have helped.

Big on the graphene scene

Instead, the R&D department that was working on the Android project will be working on wireless power, low power energy generation, flexible displays, graphene sensors and augmented reality tech.

Because the office in question is not being sold to Microsoft, it seems as though Nokia may launch some wearable tech using these exciting new components independently of the Redmond-based company in the coming years.

That could mean smart glasses like Google Glass, but probably not a smartwatch that's already in development because that's gone as part of the Microsoft deal.

So still no Nokia-made Android phones or tablets - but don't worry, we're sure the rumours will be back for another go on the Nokia/Android roundabout in 2014.

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