T-Mobile web access costs just 50p

The T-Mobile Sidekick Slide is one of the handsets that the new 5-day pass is available on

What do you get for 50p these days? A whole day of mobile web browsing, that's what.

T-Mobile is launching a 5-day pass that allows pay-as-you-go users unlimited access to its Web'n'Walk service for just 50p a day. The pass lets you access the web on the go without having to sign up for a monthly contract and is available on around 40 T-Mobile pay-as-you-go handsets.


The Web'n'Walk service has been upgraded to allow you to personalise mobile web pages in the same way as you can on a computer. With Web'n'Walk 3.0 you can also access your favourite websites with just one click.

"The 5 Day Pass is not only a great price plan for the festive season, it's a great addition to the existing portfolio of Web'n'Walk price plans such as the £1 per day pass, as well as pay-monthly options and mobile internet access for your notebook computer," said Richard Warmsley, head of internet on the move at T-Mobile.

The pass costs £2.50, giving you five days of access. To purchase, call 879 or text 'web' to 441 from your T-Mobile handset, or visit www.t-mobile.co.uk/myt-mobile. Within 30 minutes your pass will be ready to go and will continue for the next five days.