Microsoft teams with O2, expect Windows Phone shoved in your face

Microsoft teams with O2, expect Windows Phone shoved in your face
O2 wants customers to have more choice beyond iOS and Android

Telefonica, the owner of O2 in the UK has announced a 'strategic marketing agreement' with Microsoft, in order to push the merits of Windows Phone devices to punters.

Telefonica said the deal is aimed at giving more choice to customers beyond the iOS and Android 'duopoly,' as Windows Phone struggles to build significantly on its slowly-growing 8 per cent market share.

However, as pure as meritocratic, it seems more likely that Microsoft has just thrown a chunk of cash at the mobile operator and said: 'Here, see if you can shift a few more of these, eh?'

The official stance is: "With this arrangement Telefónica reinforces its commitment to improve the current balance of mobile operating platforms on the market, encouraging it to be more diverse and less of a duopoly."

Benefitting customers

"Promoting the use of Windows Phone 8 will benefit customers, as there will be more options to choose from while diluting the polarisation of installed base in operating platforms," the company added in a press release.

So next time you try to upgrade your phone over the phone or in store, don't be surprised if the mobile do to offer you a Nokia Lumia handset instead of a HTC One or an iPhone.

The arrangement doesn't just cover O2 in the UK, but all of Telefonica's territories, including Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

Is it really the business of a mobile operators, who're supposed to be pushing customers towards the best device for them, to help Microsoft secure a bigger slice of the pie? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via The Inquirer

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