Lovefilm streaming comes to iPhone and iPod touch at last

Lovefilm streaming comes to iPhone and iPod touch at last
Johnny English? Watch it anywhere you like, mate

The iPhone and iPod touch now have a Lovefilm app that can actually stream films and TV shows.

Until today, Amazon's Lovefilm subscribers could only peruse the full catalogue and manage their physical disc rental lists on the smaller Apple devices, although you could stream films through the iPad app.

But now you can fire up the new Lovefilm Instant app on an iPhone and gobble up such exclusive blockbusters as The Green Lantern, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 on your way to work.


The app also comes with AirPlay support, so if you're all Apple'd up at home you can stream a film through your phone and watch it on Apple TV.

There's also the option to minimise the app while AirPlay streaming so you can Google the characters and make pithy comments on Twitter while you watch, without interrupting the film.

The new Lovefilm Instant app is available in the Apple App Store from today - it won't cost you anything to download, but you'll need to be signed up to Lovefilm Instant to make use of it (£6 a month).

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