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LG Star handled in detailed hands-on video

The LG Star handled on camera
The LG Star handled on camera

You remember that LG Star we brought you news of yesterday? Well, it has already been seen again, and this time on video.

GSM Israel managed to get its hands on what looks like a pretty finished sample, and the dual-core Star seems to be hitting all the right notes.

There are some issues clearly knocking around still, with a slight lag in the touchscreen response at times and a strange flip-out when opening the lock screen, but we assume these will be fixed before release.

Like an iPhone... but not

The phone looks superb – we've already covered the high points from yesterday's photo release, but we still like the HDMI port and that eight-megapixel camera looks more than adequate.

The OS seems mostly like the stock Android experience, but with a slight amount of customisation on top (a bottom row of customisable icons for instance) to help the LG experience come burning through.

We'd imagine this would land with Android 2.2, given that's what's being used on the prototype device – it would be strange to test it on Froyo then push it up to Gingerbread.

Check out the video yourself to see if you think it's the equal of the iPhone 4 – LG needs a superstar device, and we reckon the Star could be it. But then again, we said the same about the Chocolate BL40.

Via Engadget