LG makes selfies 'more fun' with its new mid-range phones

K5 not as good at finding things as the K9
K5 not as good at finding things as the K9

LG has announced a couple more mid-range phones - with the K8 and the K5 arriving this week and the latter pegged for the European markets.

After announcing the K4 and K7 along with a K10 earlier this year, LG clearly felt that it hadn't ticked off enough of the numbers so it's added on the K8 and the K5 (and, stay with us, the K5 will be the Q6 in the Mexican market - so that's numberwang).

It's unlikely you'll be writing home about either of the handsets, which have been placed squarely in the mid-range.


The LG K5 will offer up a 5-inch display with a 5MP rear snapper and a 2MP front-facing camera that includes 'gesture shot' making selfies (and we're quoting directly here) "even more fun."

You can plump from Gold, Silver and 'Titan' - a colour range that LG believes can give it the edge over the more familiar black and grey competition in that particular section of the market.

Under the hood the Android 5.1 toting K5 will sport a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, a gig of RAM and there's a microSD slot to boost the fairly paltry 8GB of storage.

The phones will be rolled out this week, with pricing yet to be confirmed. And if anyone finds the missing K9 bring it back to the kennel.

Patrick Goss

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