Let S Health give you the fitness makeover you've always wanted

The Samsung GALAXY S4 has a clever sensor built in that allows you to track not only temperature but humidity too, so you can keep an eye on your surroundings at all times and make adjustments where necessary for an optimum experience.

7. Blood Pressure

S Health Samsung GALAXY S4

The Samsung S Health app is so advanced that it not only can monitor what's going on with your weight and exercise, but it's also able to track more complex items like your blood pressure over time to make sure that you stay healthy inside and out.

Once again, you've got a world of choice here, as you can either set all the elements yourself if you've got your own heart rate monitor, or you can connect to a compatible Bluetooth device and have it send the data automatically. You've even got the chance to add in your pulse rate, which can be really useful if you suffer from a heart condition and want an easy way to monitor your heart's performance over time.

8. Simple graphs

S Health Samsung GALAXY S4

With all this data, you may be worried that you won't be able to use it in any meaningful way. Thankfully, that couldn't be more of an erroneous assumption, as the S Health app makes it easy and quick to see everything you need in one quick glance.

The Health Board home screen has a tab for graphs in the bottom right-hand corner, and you can use this to see a visual representation of weight, blood pressure, exercise and steps managed over time, and a quick pinch in and out of the screen will spin you from days to weeks to months in the blink of an eye, so you can actually see how you've improved with your GALAXY S4.

9. Accessories

S Health Samsung GALAXY S4

There are a number of accessories to help you out with your Samsung S Health app, and all of them are great for making it slick and easy to get the information about your body onto your phone. With a wide range of scales and blood pressure monitors coming soon, it will be really easy to connect your body to the S Health app without needing to punch in loads of numbers each day.

And if you want to go for a run but want to leave your Samsung GALAXY S4 at home, you can use the forthcoming and stylish S Band to keep track of your run or day's activities, and instantly pair when you're reunited with your smartphone.

10. Third party

S Health Samsung GALAXY S4

There are loads of other apps from Samsung that extend the power of S Health, and all are available through Samsung Apps.

For instance, Running Pro will give you a mapping experience to track you on your run and give you key feedback data to help you improve. Head on over to Samsung Apps and check out the reams of possibilities in the Health and Fitness section, and in no time at all you'll go from layabout to loving life!