It looks like the Samsung Galaxy A7 could be announced soon

Samsung Galaxy A7
The Samsung Galaxy A7 is expected to look a lot like the Galaxy Alpha

After months of speculation and a trip to the FCC, it looks like Samsung is finally ready to unveil the Samsung Galaxy A7.

The Galaxy A7 is the latest in the new line of Galaxy A devices, with the Galaxy A5 already going on sale in China.

The low end Galaxy A3 has also been spotted, with both handsets expected to make their way to global markets soon.

Galaxy A, not so far away

Although we know the Galaxy A7 does exist, as we've seen a number of leaks about the high end smartphone, Samsung has been particularly tight lipped about it, and we weren't sure if the handset would even be sold outside of Asia.

With Samsung submitting the Galaxy A7 (referred to as the SM-A700) to the FCC, it looks like we might be hearing something official soon.

Its submission also confirms a number of specifications for the Galaxy A7 including NFC and LTE connectivity, along with a height of 150mm and width of 75mm. These dimensions all but confirm that the A7 will come with a 5.2-inch screen, as previously rumoured.

Via PhoneArena