It looks like the iPhone 7 might have a headphone jack after all

iPhone 6S
Your headphones could be useful for a while yet

One of the oddest rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 is that Apple is apparently removing the 3.5mm headphone jack in a bid to make the phone ever slimmer and perhaps to add a second speaker for stereo sound.

Doing so would mean headphones would have to connect to the Lightning port or be wireless - thus rendering all your existing pairs useless without an adapter. In other words, it sounds like an annoyance with little real benefit, but fortunately it may not be happening after all.

MyDrivers has got hold of an image of a piece of circuitry supposedly taken from the iPhone 7 and it includes a 3.5mm jack. The site notes that it's not sure whether the same circuitry will be used for the iPhone 7 Plus, so it's possible that Apple's phablet could still ditch the headphone jack, but we can't see any logic to one phone doing it and the other not.

iPhone 7 headphone jack

Headphone hassle

Of course there's no proof that this truly is circuitry from an iPhone 7 and there are a surprisingly large number of voices claiming that it won't have a headphone port. And lest we forget: this wouldn't be the first time Apple has changed a port and forced us all to buy new accessories.

But we just can't see that there's much benefit to removing it and neither can 200,000 other people, so we'd say the presence of a 3.5mm jack is likely, especially now it's seemingly been pictured.

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