iPhone 6 set to get ahead of the curve with new rounded design

iPhone 6
Could the new iPhone be getting a new look?

Most of the talk around the design of the iPhone 6 has focussed on it being bigger and slimmer than the iPhone 5S, but there's now a suggestion that it could have a rather different look too.

Word is that it will come with curved edges that have been likened to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

This speculation comes from an analyst house, reported by Macotakara, and adds that the iPhone 6 might also have a curved screen.

This isn't the expected to be on a par with the way that the LG G Flex curves and flexes, rather that the edges of the screen will curve around the sides to ensure the display sits flush with the body of the phone.

A curve too far?

This is certainly a rumour that we're wary about as we'd expect most of the major details about the iPhone 6 to be out at this point in the rumour cycle - and this is quite a major change to have kept quiet.

On the other hand it would make a certain amount of sense. Following Apple's usual release pattern, we can expect a redesign for the iPhone 6.

While a bigger screen and slimmer build will likely be the key aspects of that redesign we'd be a little surprised if Apple kept the overall look the same.

Either way, we're expecting the iPhone 6 release date to fall in September so there's still a while to wait.

  • This wouldn't be the first curved iPhone, as earlier models like the iPhone 3GS sported a curved body too.
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