iPhone 5S to be slightly better than iPhone 5, reports Digitimes

iPhone 5S to be slightly better than iPhone 5, reports Digitimes
Weird, we thought it might be slightly worse

We've come to expect a certain outlandish quality from the pronouncements of Digitimes' upstream supply chain sources, but today's iPhone 5S rumour is positively pedestrian.

The industry rag has had a quiet word with its people and come up with the following: the iPhone 5S will launch in Q3 (September, we expect) with a slightly better camera and a slightly better chipset on board.

In other news, night to follow day, Tuesday to follow Monday and bears to continue using largely wooded areas to take care of business.

Sign of the digitimes

We have to offer you the usual Digitimes caveats - the paper has come up with so many misses it's really hard to remember the hits - but, to be honest, a Q3 release and an iterative hardware update seems like a pretty solid prediction to us.

As for software, we're expecting Apple to announce iOS 7 at WWDC in June 2013 ready for a launch in September alongside the iPhone 5S.

If all this comes to pass, it means we're in for a longer wait for the iPhone 6 which probably won't make an appearance until 2014.

That, or Digitimes has got this one horrendously wrong and a completely redesigned iPhone 6 will launch in July and come with a free lollipop. Who can tell.

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