Overnight news roundup: 17-18 September

Look out iTunes: The SpiralFrog service has 850,000 songs you can download free of charge

We're well into another work week. But as Monday is left behind, take a look at what you missed while you were dreaming of the weekend.

A new digital music service called SpiralFrog has debuted and, believe it or not, it's offering free, ad-supporting music downloads. The service boasts 850,000 songs and 3,500 music videos. Could this be a sign of things to come for the music industry?

Net Neutrality debate coming

In a move that could have serious implications for the British public, the President of the British Computer Society told ZDNet the time has come for a Net Neutrality debate because, as he points out, "most content providers come from the US".

Find it hard to believe that companies are still making landline phones? Even better, did you ever expect a company like Motorola to be doing it? Well, it is and the MOTOLIVIN' brand looks pretty impressive.

Microsoft's Media Center is acquiring two new features that should make a difference to products like the Slingbox. According to the software giant, the company is planning on including live streams of TV to a computer.

A variety of reports swirling around the US are claiming that Apple has officially reached a deal with T-Mobile to bring the iPhone to European shores. There is no definitive information yet on the nature of the agreement, but it certainly looks like the release of the iPhone is imminent.

In what may be a bit difficult for the less photogenic among us to hear, a new service called MotionPortrait will take any picture on your computer and turn it into a living, breathing virtual avatar. Amazingly, you only need a 1GHz CPU to do it.

Possible new breakthrough in search technology opens its doors

A new startup called Powerset has come up with a new way to search the internet - voice commands. Instead of using keywords, the company thinks voice commands are the best way to search the web. It claims the system could be far more effective than current search technologies. You never know.

Lastly, and in a move that could have some legal implications, hackers are selling GSM-ready iPhones on eBay and Craigslist. It can only be a matter of time before Apple and AT&T take action against this blossoming business venture.