HTC One reportedly shipping early to AT&T customers

HTC One looks as if it's shipping early
The HTC One may arrive two days ahead of its release date
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Pre-orderers for the HTC One will be happy to know that their new Android smartphone may arrive ahead of its official April 19 release date, at least for AT&T customers.

The purported shipping information from multiple HTC One pre-orderers began popping up on sites like Phandroid and Gotta Be Mobile this week, indicating that the handset will arrive today, April 17.

That's a full two days ahead of Friday's release date if the tracking information's estimated delivery time pans out.

So far, the HTC One phones that are reportedly making their way to customers early are coming from USPS and FedEx and shipping from and to the Memphis, Tenn. area.

HTC One one to two days early

The reason for the HTC One is reportedly arriving early to some customers is pretty simple: AT&T began shipping out the phone before the planned Tuesday, April 16 shipping date.

Both the USPS and FedEx tracking information pages reveal that the company began sending out the new smartphone on Monday, April 15.

It certainly wasn't going to take the HTC One all week to arrive to eager customers.

All of this is good news for HTC, which is facing an uphill battle to not get caught in the middle of high-end and low-end smartphones.

The HTC One also faces stiff competition from another highly anticipated Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4, with the Samsung phone expected to arrive on April 26 for AT&T.

Of course, that is dependant on AT&T not shipping the phone early and overestimating the delivery time, as it has allegedly done this week with the HTC One.