Google will replicate the Play Store to let you build the ultimate smartphone

Google Project Ara
You'll be able to buy and sell Project Ara modules through Google's new store

Google's Project Ara plan to let you create the ultimate smartphone has been boosted by news that a brand new online store for owners is incoming.

As the launch of Project Ara, Google's modular smartphone that lets you add components yourself to completely customise the smartphone, approaches more details about how the unique mobile platform will work are emerging.

In an interview at Purdue University, Paul Eremenko of the Motorola Advanced Technology and Projects group, Project Ara Team, said that Google would be creating a brand new online store for Project Ara modules.

Google would be using a similar model to how the Play Store sells software, but this time with hardware.

Module mashup

The new hardware store will offer Project Ara modules along with user reviews and recommendations, much like the current Play Store offers apps.

It will also allow people to create their own modules for Project Ara and sell it on the store directly to other customers, much like app developers are able to create, upload and sell their apps on the Play Store.

We're expecting to see the first version of Project Ara early next year, and hopefully the base product won't cost too much either.

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