Google Play Editions could finally go global as HTC One (M8) spied in India

Google Play Editions could finally go global as HTC One M8 spied in India

The Google Play Editions of popular Android smartphones may finally be set for an international roll out following reports that the HTC One (M8) iteration is about to go on sale in India.

Multiple media outlets claim the raw Android version of the device, minus the Sense UI, will be up for grabs today from the Google Play Store in India.

Currently Google Play Editions of devices like the original HTC One, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have only been available for smartphone fans in the United States.

If it bears fruit, the Indian launch could see Google and its partners expand the roll out to other territories.

Nexus experience

The raw Android versions of smartphones, offering 'the Nexus experience' are only available to buy SIM-free, for a significant premium, but have still proved popular.

The option to ditch custom UIs from OEMs for a simpler, Google-centric experience as well as faster access to Android OS updates has proved a great incentive for users.

Let's hope this is the beginning of widespread availability outside of Google's motherland.

Via AndroidCentral