Good news: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might be coming to the UK

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung announced two new big and beautiful phones at the start of the month in the form of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Here in the UK we've been restricted to just the Galaxy S6 Edge+ with no official launch date for the Galaxy Note 5. New regulation documents suggest the S Pen-toting phone will be coming to Europe after all, just at a later date.

In the FCC listing is a phone called the SM-N920F – the "F" usually refers to a European model, and a Geekbench 3 testing shows it's a Samsung handset with a remarkably similar setup to the Galaxy Note 5.

Gimme that stylus

The only change comes in the 3GB of RAM on board - that's been dropped down from the 4GB of RAM on the US version of the phone.

It's possible that Geekbench hasn't detected the extra RAM on board, or that it's just a prototype model at the moment.

As for a release date, the FCC offers 180 days of confidentiality and the listing came in last month so it may be toward the end of this year at the earlier - or at least we hope that's the case.

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