Galaxy Note 2 system dump (with ringtones) online

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Sparkling Mist, Nighttime Oasis, The Journey Begins - all the ringtone hits are back

Members at xdadevelopers have managed to get their hands on a system dump file for the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note 2, complete with system specs and ringtones.

Users oka1 and sextape (for real) have both posted links to download the Galaxy Note 2 software package, which they reportedly received from "sources" and "friends".

It looks like the rest of the developers at xda are off to the races trying to get it to run on some other phones. Some developers have even started extracting bits from the package and made them available for download on the forum.

For example, user ortega1 extracted the audio for the Galaxy Note 2 (including alarms, ringtones, and UI noises) to a compressed .rar file. Open that up with a program like WinRar, save to an iPhone, and an Apple product can unlock to Samsung's non-patented water noise.

Taking note

So what, if anything, does the system dump reveal about the Galaxy Note 2 that we didn't already know?

Since the reveal, we've heard about how it runs Jelly Bean on that quad-core Exynos4412 processor (well) and how the 8 megapixel camera looks on a comparatively huge 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, but there hasn't been too much talk on the software front.

Unfortunately, with no confirmed cases of successful porting of the system dump to another device, there's not much to say about how Jelly Bean will look in practice on the Note 2.

If the ringtones are any indication, then Samsung's newest phablet offering will operate almost exactly like the Galaxy S3.

Via xdadevelopers, Dev-Host, 4-Shared