LG Optimus F3 and Optimus F6 slip in with T-Mobile's G2 announcement

LG Optimus F3 T-Mobile
The Optimus F3 is T-Mobile's most affordable LTE Android smartphone

Today was a big day for LG, as the Korean company finally unveiled its next flagship, the LG G2.

And while we know the handset is heading to America's four major carriers, a pair of phones slipped in with T-Mobile's G2 tidings. The Optimus F3 and Optimus F6 were thrown in the shadow of the G2's spotlight.

Although the G2 will be available on the four major U.S. carriers, the Optimus F6 was announced by T-Mobile exclusively. The F3 on the other hand is already available on Sprint, but arrives now on T-Mobile for the first time.

So it seems the LG Optimus name will live on, despite being dropped for the G2. But are the F3 and F6 worthy follow-ups to the original Optimus G?

Optimus secondary

Back when LG dropped the "Optimus" from the G2's name we thought the Optimus line was dying, but today's announcement of the new Optimus F6 makes it seem otherwise.

The LG G2 is the true successor to the Optimus G, though, with its 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM and sparkly 5.2-inch display.

The Optimus F3 and Optimus F6 take the Optimus line in a different direction: affordability.

What we know

The F3 and F6 were barely mentioned today, but we do know a few things about the devices.

The Optimus F3 is T-Mobile's "most affordable LTE Android-powered smartphone," according to a T-Mobile press release sent out today.

The F3 sports a 4-inch IPS display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 5MP and 1MP cameras, 720p video capture and expandable memory up to 32GB. It's available now on T-Mobile for 24 monthly payments of $10 with a Simple Choice plan.

The Optimus F6, on the other hand, is harder to read. We know it ups the screen size to 4.5 inches, but pricing and availability weren't revealed.

T-Mobile promised to share that "in the coming weeks," adding that the F6 will deliver "amazing value."

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