Blackberry 10.3 leak hints at snazzy new look, possibly a 1080p handset

BlackBerry 10.3 leak hints at snazzy new UI, possibly a 1080p handset
BB's set to give its new UI some class

We've been aware of Blackberry's plans to give BB10 an overhaul in the next big update, and a new leak of screenshots shows us what the new UI might look like.

We can't verify the legitimacy of these screens, and there's a chance the OS might look a tad different come release, so take all of this with a bit of caution.

But from what we can see right now, it looks like Blackberry is jumping on the bandwagon with its own Siri-like intelligent assistant, for one thing.

It's also ditched the boxes around the app icons, added a new keyboard layout and colour scheme, and made a few other design tweaks that gives the OS a cleaner, more minimalist feel.

As for the camera, the option to record in 720p at 30 fps and 60 has seemingly been added too.

Look sharp

BB 10

Credit: Zona BlackBerry

However another telling screenshot has surfaced alongside these, showing a set of folders that reveal a 1080x1920 resolution.

Again, without delving into the OS ourselves, it's difficult to verify the existance or accuracy of the claim from N4BB.

But given that we're not expecting a new Blackberry tablet any time soon, this could well be a hint at a 1080p phone currently in the piipeline.

We'll be keeping our ear to the ground.

From ZonaBB via CrackBerry

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