Best HTC One apps: top apps for your new HTC One

Best apps for the HTC One
Best apps for the HTC One

HTC's flagship Android model for 2013 has picked up heaps of praise since its April launch, with many declaring the HTC One the best ever smartphone and one of the tech highlights of the year so far.

One of the key features is HTC's own "ultrapixel" camera system, which does an incredible job of capturing images at low light levels, with the phone's latest HTC Sense user interface skin making it a joy to use throughout when you're done taking photos of your dinner, children and the sunset.

HTC's packed the phone with its own apps and tools, but with over 700,000 available to install yourself through Google's own Play Store app shop, there's still plenty of room to expand your horizons and extra functionality to the hot new phone. Here are five of our favourites.

1. Poweramp, £2.49


One particularly awesome thing about the HTC One is the volume kicked out from its onboard speakers. It's a very noisy phone that produces some of the best-quality sound out there in the mobile world today. So you might benefit from installing Poweramp, a custom music player that gives you a decent graphic equaliser, gapless playback of your tunes and many more nerdy audio features that'll add extra depth to your musical adventures.

2. Cinemagram, free


Cinemagram is a simple video recording app that captures four-second clips, which are then uploaded and shared via Twitter or Facebook. It has a dead simple user interface where you hold down a button to record, meaning you can stitch together scenes without having to do any actual editing. Results are then looped, plus your short films can be saved as animated GIF files for sticking up anywhere online. It's like HTC's own ZOE format, only made a little more sociable.

3. Flipboard, free


If HTC's own Buzzfeed tool has you gagging for more beautifully presented social feeds and news, give Flipboard a shot. It pulls in news stories from the web, generating your own personal little mini magazine, building stylish pages to endlessly scroll through. It's all about adding a pretty skin to news stories and your social network feeds, ensuring text is easily readable on mobiles and saving you the effort of having to zoom in on pages to read in comfort.

4. Instagram, free


The HTC One's camera is one you'll want to show off, seeing as it manages to capture bright images even on gloomy British days, so get yourself signed up to the celebrity image sharing tool of choice. It's free to use, with photos you take live (or load from your phone's memory) edited into a uniform square shape and enlivened with a selection of frames and filters, before being shared with the world. It's a social network for people who like photographing everything.

5. Photoshop Touch, £2.99

Photoshop touch

Adobe's popular image editing tool has fully mobilised, with this new phone version of its picture tool now ready for use on phones. The £2.99 asking price is modest compared with the full desktop versions of the software, plus you get access to Adobe's cloud storage servers along with 2GB of storage space -- meaning you can start editing an image on your HTC One, then continue making amendments on the desktop software.