BendGate is your fault, not Apple's

iPhone 6 Plus bendgate
Even Uri Geller can't bend the iPhone 6 Plus

"What is wrong with you?!"

That's something my dad would say to me every time I was careless or did something stupid. And it's what I'm tempted to say to the incredibly small number of people who have come forward with bent iPhone 6 Plus units.

Word is that a few users either sat on their phones or left it in their front pockets for several hours, where it's warm (one guy was partying at a wedding, after all), causing their iPhone 6 Plus phones to warp and bend. One would have to be wearing the tightest jeans known to man and squatting in a sauna in order to get a phone to warp and retain its curvature. Even then I don't think it would happen.

First, I'm incredulous and skeptical. Shame on you, internet, for not feeling the same. If I posted a shattered wine glass on Instagram and said, "All I did was leave it in the sun, and after a few hours, it shattered!" would you believe me? If you answer yes, I'll send you my PayPal address because I'm actually selling a few bridges in Southeast Asia.

Second, as my colleague Gary Marshall already mentioned, you would have to be defying the laws of physics to actually make this happen. It would take a considerable amount of force to get the iPhone 6 Plus to bend, let alone bend far enough or for long enough to retain its new shape.

Third, the video demonstrating the bend is one of the craziest things I've seen. How do you go from a claim that the iPhone 6 Plus bent in someone's pocket, to applying a great deal of force to the iPhone 6 Plus to see if it actually bends? Bro, do you even science?

Blaming Apple is so hot right now

Lastly, take care of your expensive belongings! You can't say, "A phone that costs this much shouldn't bend or break."

If I were to drop a $3,000 DSLR and it breaks, do I blame the manufacturer for making a fragile camera? If I were to crash my car, do I blame the manufacturer if the body gets dented or worse? If I were to sit on my iPhone 6 Plus and it bends or breaks, do I blame Apple for making a delicate smartphone?

If you're prone to dropping or breaking things, especially your smartphones, invest in an Otterbox case or go by a Kyocera Torque.

Let's get one thing straight: the iPhone 6 Plus photos showing mild to severe bending wasn't a result of normal, everyday use. Then again, it's trendy to follow your gut reactions when it comes to jumping on the Apple-hate bandwagon. And that's all this really boils down to, especially when you see what crazed Samsung fans are saying about plastic being able to bend right back.

To those who claim that large, plastic phones are better, I simply leave you with this video.

Or listen to this voice of reason, a popular guy with the Android crowd: