iPhone fans are most in love with BBM - who saw that coming?

BBM on iPhone outstripping Android equivalent
Why is BBM less popular on Android?

For those that haven't heard (where have you been?!), BBM has made it to both Android and iOS platforms, and it seems that the latter is proving far more popular.

Since the cross-OS launch, BBM has seen a lot of press, albeit much being linked to problems encountered at its first launch attempt.

Across both platforms, users have been downloading in droves, although BGR has noticed a distinct trend; BBM consistently ranks higher on the App Store compared to the Play Store equivalent.

Despite having to battle it out with the likes of WhatsApp, BBM managed to make it into the top 5 iOS downloads in at least 50 countries, including Canada and the UK.

This seems isolated to Apple handsets though as BBM only reaches the Play Store top 10 in 4 countries; Indonesia, South Africa, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Who's to blame?

In Argentina you'll find BBM as the number one download on iPhone, although only number 14 on the Play store. In the Philippines the split is 26th place to 144th.

The reason for this could be down to the type of people who use BBM, with the Canadian firm's IM service fitting in with an older and more professional generation.

It's a platform which is already heavily embedded in business and as people switch from BlackBerry to Apple they could be taking their messaging service with them.

This is highlighted in comparison to the cross-OS app Kik, traditionally used by teens. It consistently ranks higher on Android than iOS; 38 vs 11 and 27 vs 12 in the US and Finland respectively.

Should we be surprised though? iPhones and BlackBerrys are more popular amongst business users, the 'prosumer' market that the Canadian firm wants to target.

With the success of BBM, we could see BlackBerry pulling back some of the market from California in the future, maybe the Z30 will help.

Via Phone Arena.