Aussie start-up Kisa brings simplicity to mobile phones

Kisa Phone
Kisa has a simple solution

Kisa has a mobile phone alternative for those who find modern mobile phones too difficult or complicated to use.

Made for "parents with young children, the visually impaired, those living with reduced physical abilities, or anyone wanting a simple and easy to use mobile phone," Kisa co-founder Dmitry Levin says that even the simplest handsets on the market today assumes something about the user.

"They assume that they already know how to or are capable of using digital menus, touch screen interfaces, audio commands, or even at the most basic level, they assume the user can read," Mr Levin said.

"We set out to make a mobile phone that assumes close to nothing."

Kisa says that it conducted extensive consultations with organisations including Vision Australia and Guide Dogs Victoria.

While it looks a bit like a toy, the rather simple, yet accessible handset created by the Aussie startup features no screen and only one button for call making.

The phone includes a large SOS button, which can be used to immediately dial emergency services, and can store a customers' critical medical information.

Other contact numbers can be customised and displayed in large font on the back of the handset, which can be customised and identified by a photo, name, high contrast colour combinations and Braille, as well as be stored in any language.

Mobile plans

The Kisa phone will be offered along side three mobile plans (using the Vodafone network) made especially for the handset.

For the Talk 20 plan, which costs $15, you get 20 minutes of national and mobile calls with a 38 cents call cost for every 30 seconds above allocated minutes.

The Talk 50 plan costs $20 and gets you 50 minutes of calls, with a 20 cents call cost for every 30 seconds above allocated minutes, while the Talk 120 plan costs $30, gives you 120 minutes of call time and charges 13 cents above included value.

The handset itself can be purchased for $84 (with customisation) online through the Kisa website, and comes with a wall charger, cradle and free delivery.