Apple lists top 20 free and paid-for iPhone apps

Is the Apple App Store the fastest growing business since the dawn of the internet?

Apple has posted the top twenty paid-for and free iPhone apps on iTunes, based on the number of downloads from the App Store since the phone launched in July last year.

If you've owned an iPhone for some time, the chance is that you will already have downloaded most of the free apps on the list. Though if you've recently acquired Apple's ultimate gizmo you might want to check through the list to see if there's anything vital you've missed.

If you have still to experience the Guitar Hero-a-like rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge, for example, then TechRadar urges you to give it a tap.

Fast growing business

"With the amount of downloads they've had since the App Store launched last July, it must be one of the fastest rising businesses since the launch of the internet," claimed David Rowan, editor of Wired UK magazine in the Guardian.

"What's good about the App Store is that there's quite a low barrier to entry, so many of these programmers actually have day jobs and are just working on these apps in their spare time."

In the UK, the top five free iPhone apps to date are Facebook, iPint, Google Earth, Pac-Man Lite and, somewhat strangely, Touch Hockey. The top five paid-for apps, all games, are Crash Bandicoot, Moto Chaser, Virtual Pool, Cro-Mag Rally and Flick Fishing.

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