Apple approves Mozilla's Firefox Home for iPhone

Firefox Home now available for iPhone users that wish to sync their desktop browser with their phone

If you are a fan of Firefox on your desktop or laptop, and also happen to be an iPhone user, then you will no doubt welcome the news that Apple has finally approved the Firefox Home app for its smartphone.

Firefox Home, to be clear, is not a mobile browser for the iPhone. It is highly doubtful that Apple would have approved such a thing (or that Mozilla would even consider submitting it in the first place!).

But what Firefox Home does do is to give you access to all of your Firefox bookmarks, history and tabs on your iPhone's Safari browser.


And while it's hardly a ground-breaking application, but it is certainly one that we have found very handy ourselves in the first few hours of trialling it out.

The app works using Firefox's Sync add-on that lets you upload your Firefox profile to the cloud.

The app is free and if you want your iPhone to show your "Firefox history, bookmarks and open tabs, just as you had left them on your desktop computer" then why not head straight to the App Store to download it now, set up a password and you're all good to go.

Via iTunes