Android app support could be about to give Firefox OS a boost

Mozilla Firefox OS
Firefox OS is struggling to gain traction.

CNET has seen an email from Mozilla Chief Executive Chris Beard that sets out some of the non-profit's new targets for Firefox OS. In particular, it sounds like the organisation's $25 smartphones could be abandoned.

These super-budget smartphones are aimed primarily at developing nations but Beard says they haven't seen "sufficient traction" so far. "We will not pursue all parts of the [$25 phone] program," he writes in the email.

Under a new initiative called Ignite, Mozilla wants to focus on compelling features rather than rock-bottom prices. "We will build phones and connected devices that people want to buy because of the experience, not simply the price," says Beard.

If the app fits

Android app support is an option that Mozilla is going to "explore" according to Beard. It could help increase adoption of Firefox OS as it looks to offer a genuine alternative to Android and iOS.

The organisation's focus will remain firmly on web apps and open software development, however. The leaked email mentions improved offline support for these online apps as well as Firefox OS for other devices besides smartphones.

It's already on a number of smart television sets and the more exposure Mozilla can get the better. Whether or not you actually end up using Firefox OS, competition and innovation are vitally important for the mobile landscape as a whole.

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