Amazon CEO calls on governments to end tech patent warfare

Amazon CEO calls on governments to end tech patent warfare
Bezos - looks friendly now, but try talking to him about patents...

Jeff Bezos hasn't got much patience with the neverending cycle of tech patent lawsuits, reckoning that governments need to step in and change laws.

The Amazon CEO, who faces a bit more hardware heat now that Amazon has launched the Android-running Kindle Fire HD tablet, lamented the situation in an interview with the Metro newspaper.

"Patents are supposed to encourage innovation and we're starting to be in a world where they might start to stifle innovation," he said.


"Governments may need to look at the patent system and see if those laws need to be modified because I don't think some of these battles are healthy for society.

"I love technology, I love invention, I like rapid change, and really it's the golden age of wireless devices and mobile devices."

Bezos isn't the only one tiring of the patent hoopla - the UN held a summit earlier this month during which Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and other tech giants got together to try and find a solution.

Technology in 2012 has been pockmarked by patent filings and verdicts, the most notable of which is Apple v Samsung in which a US court found in favour of the Cupertino company.

It's not over 'til it's over, though – Samsung is currently appealing the $1 billion ruling so the case is set to rumble on into 2013.

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