8 reasons why Toshiba's new TG01 is better than the iPhone

Toshiba's TG01
Toshiba's new TG01 features a bigger screen than the iPhone's

Toshiba might not exactly be renowned for its mobiles, but it has really set the cat among the pigeons with the surprise announcement of the new TG01, just two weeks before the industry's showpiece event – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

There's no doubt the TG01 looks impressive, so we've put together eight reasons why the TG01 is an iPhone-beater – oh, and one why it isn't…

1. There's a better screen

The iPhone's screen may amaze, but its 3.5-inch widescreen display is beaten by the TG01. The 4.01-inch screen has a Wide-VGA resolution - 800x480. Yep, that's better than the iPhone which lags behind with a paltry 480 by 320.

2. It's thinner

The depth of the TG01 measures 9.9mm – more impressive than the iPhone's 12.3mm. A quarter shaved off (well, almost).

3. There's better video support

There's support for DivX as well as Windows Mobile formats, so the device will be able to handle far more video than the iPhone can with its poor H.264-only support. There's also other clever features for video playback such as Colour Matching, Colour Image Control and Dynamic Gamma, so you can get the perfect picture.

4. It's got speedy internet

There's full support for fast 3G HSPDA/HSUPA, meaning you'll be able to get super speeds from the TG01's web-access.

5. It's fast

The processor is a brand-new 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon, although it's based on the tried and tested ARM architecture. The TG01 is the first phone to feature the silicon. Snapdragon is designed for mobile multi-tasking – the iPhone clearly struggles at times. Snapdragon is designed to be different.

6. It's expandable

Toshiba has pitched this as an entertainment device. The addition of a card slot always helps, so it's added in microSD for the playback of music and movies from other sources.

7. You can have proper GPS

As with the iPhone, the TG01 has Assisted GPS, which relies on cell towers. As it runs Windows Mobile, however, the phone can be used as a proper sat-nav with some Windows Mobile software, such as TomTom Navigator.

8. You can shake to answer

Surely the best new feature is the ability to shake the TG01 to answer calls. Best turn this off while you're doing that 4x4 driving experience you got for Christmas.

And one why it isn't as good...

It runs on Windows Mobile 6.1. Which is poor. But like HTC with TouchFLO 3D, Toshiba has overlaid this with a more graphical 3D interface to give one-touch application switching. And with Outlook Mobile, at least you'll actually be able to respond to those meeting requests properly…


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