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3 announces Spotify and HTC Hero tie-in

HTC Hero and Spotify - new home on 3
HTC Hero and Spotify - new home on 3

Spotify will be coming to mobiles in a new way after 3 announced a new deal to bundle the service with it tariffs, as we reported last week.

From November 2009 the network will be offering the HTC Hero, which is also the first Android handset for the network, along with a two year Spotify Premium account.

This means 3 customers choosing the deal will have unlimited access to Spotify via their mobile, which means 3,333 tracks to download per month and stored on the phone.

Intense package

The network has put together an interesting package, albeit one over two years. You pay £99 up front, as well as £35 per month, and for that you'll get unlimited texts, internet, Skype calls and 750 minutes.

The deal also includes two years access to Spotify Premium, meaning users will benefit both on the mobile and the PC.

Charlotte Blanchard, Director of Products & Services at 3 says "As a first step we've built this service into an attractive, well-priced package with the HTC Hero. Over time our deal with Spotify will extend across a range of our products including mobile broadband."

We're awaiting more news on the situation as it appears, but we're hoping more networks follow suit in what will surely be a big winner for Spotify if it takes off.