17 best World Cup apps for Brazil 2014


Price: Free, but you'll need a Comcast Cable subscribing to use it

Availability: App Store | Google Play | Amazon

This TV streaming app promises to live stream all World Cup matches write to your iOS, Android, or Kindle device. Just note you'll need to be a Comcast Cable subscriber to take advantage.

13. TVCatchup

Price: Free

Availability: App Store| Google Play

A fair amount of World Cup coverage will be broadcast live on terrestrial TV and you can stream it live using this app,

TVCatchup does have some ads in it but then it is free to download and use, and has some handy features like information overlays, TV guides and closed captioning support.

You'll need an internet connection for the app to work.

14. WatchESPN

Price: Free, but cable subscription needed

Availability: App Store | Google Play

Download the app and plug into 24/7 streaming feeds from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPN Deportes for all the latest World Cup action. On-demand clips and video highlights of the crowd-roaring action are also available.

You'll need to be a cable customer to access the app, but it does encompass a wide range of cable service providers.

Added bonus? It has Chromecast support.

World Cup

Football Manager and Score! need to be on your phone

15. Panini Collectors

Availability: App Store | Google Play

Price: Free

Anyone who remembers real Panini sticker albums has probably seen a few World Cups come and go.

Save yourself all that tedious hassle of dealing with bits of paper and go digital with this free collector's app.

Use your phone's camera to scan your stickers and collate them into a list, plus you can set up lists of "got, need and swaps" always in your pocket, share lists with friends and track missing or duplicate stickers easily.

Prove that sticker collecting isn't dead – it just grew up.

16. Football Manager Handheld 2014

Availability: Google Play

Price: $9.99

If you think you can guide your nation to World Cup Glory, now's your chance. A game for true soccer fans, Football Manager Handheld 2014 is a portable port of the classic PC game, which has sapped millions of collective hours from our youth.

It's made with footy-mad commuters in mind, and while it's lighter on the options, it retains all the compulsive enjoyment of its fully-featured predecessors.

The best thing about it isn't the breadth of teams or smooth learning curve, both of which are excellent, but that it can be picked up and put down easily, making it ideal for short journeys to work.

17. Score! World Goals

Availability: App Store | Google Play

Price: Free

The App Store is filled with footy games which let you flick and swipe balls into the net with varying degrees of majesty, but Score does it best.

Why? Because each of the wonder goals hammered home by your index finger are re-enactments of the finest strikes in international football and World Cup history.

Eagled-eyed gamers will spot them from the tournaments of yesteryear, from Michael Owen's mazy England goal that humbled Argentina in '98 to Dennis Bergkamp's dreamy volley in '96.

The game's made better by the rating system of the goals, and you need to get them perfect to unlock the next set; think Angry Birds does soccer and you're there.

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