20 best World Cup apps for Brazil 2014

TV Player

TV Player and TVCatchup will mean you don't miss a game

12 TVPlayer

Price: Free

Availability: App Store

Made for iPhone and iPad, this TV streaming app works over a wi-fi or cellular connection and broadcasts a number of free-to-air channels, though not all are available over cellular.

With a full TV guide and now and next features it does not currently play video ads at you, so you can get straight to the content you want.

So whatever live matches, highlights or commentary shows are broadcast on the BBC or ITV you will be able to see them here.

13 TVCatchup

Price: Free

Availability: App Store | Google Play

A fair amount of World Cup coverage will be broadcast live on terrestrial British TV and you can stream it live using this app, which is similar to TV Player but also works on Android devices too.

Unlike Player, TVCatchup does have some ads in it but then it is free to download and use, and has some handy features like information overlays, TV guides and closed captioning support.

It works over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection but bear in mind that streaming video while on the move can eat into your data allowance, so try to find a wireless network.

ITV Player

Chiles and co are on hand with ITV coverage

14 ITV Player

Availability: App Store | Google Play | Windows Phone

Price: Free

If you want live games on your smartphone and tablet then you'll need ITV's on-demand app.

Users on iOS, Android and most recently Windows Phone will be able to access live streaming of all of ITV's games from Brazil, while they're away from home.

Unfortunately, ITV didn't think to add a pundit blackout feature for its app, so you're going to have to put up with Adrian Chiles and Roy Keane. Great.

15 SkyGo

Availability: App Store | Google Play

Price: Varies (part of Sky package)

Sky recently announced that it was adding ITV to its streaming service, just in time for the World Cup.

That means that if you have access to SkyGo - either as a standalone premium app or through your Sky package - you can watch a multitude of games from this year's World Cup.

16 MatchPint

Availability: App Store

Price: Free

Are you one of the many folks out there trying to scout out the perfect pub to catch those 11pm kick offs?

And by kick offs, we don't mean a pint flying across the bar the moment England go 1-0 down?

Leave nothing to chance with MatchPint, which finds the games on TV and tells you which pubs are showing them, offering reviews of the establishment in question and even guiding you there using Google Maps.

It's one of many apps that do similar things, but the simple interface and multitude of users make it a top-scorer in our eyes.


And not to be outdone in posing terms, Linker and co are ready as well

17 BBC iPlayer

Availability: App Store | Google Play | Windows Phone | BlackBerry

Price: Free

The BBC Sport app is great for following the action via its live text commentary and handy push notifications when a goal goes in, but if you want to tune in live to Lineker and the team, you'll need the iPlayer app itself.

The BBC will be showing all live games via the catch-up app and if you miss them they'll be available to watch for 7 days afterwards.

Downloads are off limits, but the ability to stream previous games more than makes up for it.

Together, the Beeb's mobile offerings make a formidable team that'd strike fear into the hearts of a German penalty taker. It's also available on more platforms than the rival ITV service. You can get it on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

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