Mix up your prepaid plans with Vodafone's new MyMix offering

Vodafone 4g

There's a lot of competition happening in the prepaid space right now. Following Optus' announcement last week that music streaming is going to be unmetered for prepaid customers, Vodafone has today announced its new customisable prepaid plans.

Dubbed MyMix, the new prepaid offering allows customers to pick and choose the inclusions they want, as well as the frequency of their recharges.

All of the plans start with a base of unlimited text, with options for data, included calls, international calls and recharge frequency all customisable within the MyVodafone application.

Money talks

While the inclusions are customisable, there's still a limit on just how much you can tweak the plan.

For example, the only options available for standard national calls are 120 minutes or infinite, while data allowances are limited to 500MB, 2GB, 5GB or 8GB.

While that's a nice and varied selection, even 8GB can be limited if you're only recharging every 90 days.

On the upside, being able to avoid paying for international calls you'll never use is useful (as is getting 300 minutes of international calls if that's what you're after).

Interestingly, these new prepaid plans aren't replacing any of the older offerings, and will sit alongside them for the immediate future.

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