Kogan Mobile pushing customers to Yatango

Yatango Mobile
Yatango is offering a special trial to Kogan Mobile customers

While it seems that Kogan Mobile has had no luck talking to Telstra with the collapse of ISPOne and the subsequent end of Kogan Mobile, it hasn't stopped the virtual network from making deals with other virtual networks on behalf of its customers.

Kogan Mobile customers yesterday received an email with an offer to make the switch over to the social mobile network Yatango. The offer includes a free 30 day trial of Yatango's network, including unlimited talk and text, 6GB of data and a free SIM card with delivery.

After the trial period though, customers will need to work within Yatango's flexible plan parameters to work out a plan to suit them.

Potentially cheaper, but not as simple

Yatango operates on the Optus network rather than Telstra, and is promising 4G connectivity in the near future, which is a definite advantage over the 3G speeds of Kogan Mobile's network.

But customers who like to pay for "unlimited" based plans to avoid the pitfalls of exceeding their included talk and text will probably not be satisfied with Yatango's offering.

That said, Yatango's strategy is all about giving mobile customers the flexibility to control their plans month to month, which means that the majority of Kogan Mobile users could end up saving money.

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