Gorilla Glass now protecting 1 billion devices worldwide

At one billion, Gorilla Glass is... like chairs
At one billion, Gorilla Glass is... like chairs

The Gorilla Glass "population" has exceeded 1 billion, according to Corning's third-quarter results.

With third-quarter sales at $2.04 billion, Corning has become the glass manufacturer of choice ever since Gorilla Glass made its debut in the original iPhone.

Gorilla Glass is now protecting 900 product models and covering 33 major brands, including Apple, Acer, Dell, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony.

Not resistant to economic slowdown

While sales were up 7 percent over the previous quarter, there was some sobering news in Corning's earnings report.

Sales were down 2 percent year over year due to economic conditions, and "modest" job cuts may result.

"The weakening economy is affecting sales in many of our businesses," said Corning's Vice Chairman and Chief financial officer James B. Flaws in the company's earnings report.

"In order to deliver on our plan to grow earnings, we are likely to implement selected cost reductions in the areas of project spending, capital expenditures, and fixed costs, which may include modest headcount reductions."

Gorilla Glass 3 is Willow Glass

Corning is looking to the future, not by producing a Gorilla Glass 3, but by developing Willow Glass.

Designed to be paper-thin and flexible, Willow Glass would allow for curved surfaces. Corning expects it to "revolutionize the shape and form of next-generation consumer electronics technologies."

Corning's Willow Glass could literally change the face of the next billion devices in the future.

Via TechCrunch, Corning

Matt Swider