Exetel charging up to double for 4G mobile plans

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Are you willing to pay more, even double, for 4G?

Mobile network operator Exetel now offers a 4G option for its SIM-only mobile customers, but is charging up to twice as much for 4G services.

The entry level plan costs AU$19.95 per month, and includes $200 worth of calls and texts, plus 200MB of 4G data. The same plan, with identical inclusions, but 3G speeds only, costs AU$9.95.

At the other end of the pricing spectrum, a 3G plan with unlimited calls and text and 3GB data costs AU$44.95 per month, while the same on 4G costs AU$69.95.

Doubling down

Exetel resells Optus 4G service and has been doing so for data-only mobile broadband plans since the end of last year. The price discrepancy for mobile broadband is much smaller though.

For 20GB of 4G data, Exetel charges AU$79.90, while 20GB of 3G data is AU$69.90.

This bucks the trend for 4G mobile service charges in Australia, where the major telcos haven't yet charged extra for the faster speeds. Other Optus resellers, like Live Connected, also offer 4G data at no extra cost.

Via PrepaidPlans.com.au