Edge-to-edge display could be coming to iPhone 5

Spurious, spurious, lemon spurious: that's what we think of this latest iPhone 5 rumour
Spurious, spurious, lemon spurious: that's what we think of this latest iPhone 5 rumour

We love a good iPhone 5 rumour as much as the next tech site, but this latest is one we're not at all convinced about.

A spurious photo of an iPhone 5 'digitizer' (front casing) has been unearthed by a Chinese reseller, suggesting that the next Apple handset will feature an edge-to-edge display.

This would increase the screen size by eating into the bezel, without increasing the physical size of the handset.

Rumour mongers

Apple could very well be working on such a thing, but there's something a bit off about this image.

Not only do some of the lines look wonky – how un-Apple – this image would be so easy to whip up in Photoshop and print out on acetate.

One digital photo later and you've got yourself a ready-made Apple iPhone 5 rumour – and all the lovely traffic that such a thing can bring.

So, while we fully accept that the iPhone 5 could feature a larger screen and smaller bezel, there is nothing to indicate that this is a real Apple design.

We're sorry to disappoint the home-button lovers, but we heartily recommend you don't take this photo as confirmation of the key's continuing existence.

Via PocketNow and 9to5Mac

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