Phil Spencer confirms that single-player games will continue to launch on Xbox

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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has confirmed that single-player focused games will continue to launch on the Xbox platform in the years to come.

The statement has come via Twitter where, when Spencer was asked whether more single-player games are in the works, he responded that “With the additions to XGS [Xbox Game Studios] we have a lot of teams that have built strong SP focused games and we want that to continue.”

As the popularity of online multiplayer games soars, this will be welcome news to those who prefer the option of a more solitary gaming experience on their console. 

Xbox has not traditionally shied away from championing the multiplayer game, in fact it’s become more known for that than its single-player titles. However, consumer demand for single-player games is still there, especially in times of backlash against loot boxes and micro transactions, and Xbox seems to be listening to fans across the board in order to strike a balance.

It’s also notable that Spencer’s response makes reference to the Xbox Games Studios which would suggest that the company is not just relying on multi-platform releases from third-party developers to bolster its single-player offering. 

In the past few years, Microsoft has acquired a significant number of studios—Ninja Theory, Obsidian and Double Fine among them—which are known for their strong single-player games. These acquisitions have made it seem likely that Xbox has every intention of strengthening its exclusive single-player game output. 

This will be especially important in the run up to the start of the next generation and the release of Project Scarlett in 2020. Microsoft will want a well-balanced and enticing exclusive launch catalogue that will appeal to a wide array of gamers to keep its new console ahead of the competition.

Emma Boyle

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