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Paying for Spotify Premium? You can get a Google Home Mini for free

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Spotify has brought back one of its best freebies for Spotify Premium users, offering a free Google Home Mini to those who claim the deal in good time.

It's not just a perk for new sign-ups either, meaning that anyone who currently has and pays for a Premium plan can get the miniature smart speaker sent to them – though only for those of you in the US. For the first time, individual Premium subscribers are eligible alongside those on the Family plan too.

The Family plan is a pretty cost-effective away to pay less for Spotify Premium – the ad-free option – with a sizable discount for each person added to the plan. While a Premium subscription usually costs $9.99 per user, the Family plan allows you to add up to five other relatives or flatmates for only $14.99, for a total six users.

There's no end date specified, though a blog post (opens in new tab) by Spotify says the deal will be active "while supplies last", meaning you could have a few weeks or a few hours depending on how much stock Spotify has put aside for the promotion. For context, a similar promotion from 2018 ran through November and December.

You can claim your free Google Home Mini on Spotify's Family (opens in new tab) or Premium (opens in new tab) sign-up pages here.

Speakers for all

It's notable that Spotify is rolling out is promotion to more subscribers than before, though the 2017 Google Home Mini is now a year older than when the promotion started – and there's an upgraded model on the block, the Google Nest Mini.

There's a host of new Amazon Echo products that were announced at September's launch event, including a new Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, Alexa-enabled smart glasses, and an Amazon Echo Studio model with Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers.

But with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, you can expect a number of deals on older smart home devices across the board – even if Spotify's offer of a free model is hard to pass up.

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