OnePlus 9 codename leaks ahead of its expected April 2021 launch

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Just a few days after we wrote our OnePlus 9 feature wishlist, a leaker tweeted that the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are currently in development with a refreshing codename.

'Lemonade' is what the OnePlus 9 series is being called, at least internally, according to tipster Max J.. Maybe we'll see a phone refreshingly feature-filled and colorful. 

To that end, the tweet included a photoshopped image of OnePlus' alleged codename, overlapped by two blue, flat-display phones that are meant represent the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro.

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In replies to the tweet, however, Max J. said that the color choice was 'made up', as he doesn't know the lineup's color variants yet. And when someone asked if the OnePlus 9 would be curved like the OnePlus 8 or flat like the OnePlus 8T, he said that he 'can't confirm or deny a curved screen at this point.'

He would only say that he expects the new lineup to launch in April 2021, which tracks with our own independent prediction of April or May 2021. However, this appeared to be a guess, not leaked information.

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Still mostly unknown

Overall, we didn't learn much from this leak outside of the codename, possibly because OnePlus itself hasn't nailed down the details and differences yet.

Based on our own OnePlus 9 predictions and hopes, the 2021 OnePlus phone could finally adopt wireless charging, an enhanced telephoto lens, a larger battery, improved camera resolution, palm rejection tech and two selfie cameras.

Max J. did reveal in a separate tweet that the OnePlus 8 originally had five color options: 'Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple and an Aura Glow like color.' Considering we ended up with only three color choices, it's interesting to see which colors were eventually abandoned.

While this is pure speculation, it would not be surprising if the missing yellow color scheme made a reappearance for the Lemonade line of OnePlus phones.

Otherwise, we'll have to keep waiting for more concrete spec information to leak in the coming months.

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