OnePlus 6 may look like this new Oppo smartphone


The OnePlus 6 hasn't launched yet, but the new Oppo R15 that came out in China yesterday (March 19) will make you think it just did. The design of the new phone matches all of the OnePlus 6 rumors we've heard so far.

Leaked OnePlus 6 specs include a notch display, minimal bezel, and a 19:9 aspect ratio screen. And that's exactly what we're seeing from the new phone from Oppo, which also shares an investor, Oppo Electronics, with OnePlus. It's not of a coincidence.

This gives us our strongest clue yet to the look of the upcoming OnePlus flagship, as OnePlus smartphones have a history of closely resembling Oppo smartphones. For example, the Oppo R11 did look a lot like the OnePlus 5T. There's a high probability the OnePlus 6 could look almost identical to the R15.

OnePlus 6 to come with a notch

This comes at a time when OnePlus’s co-founder, Carl Pei, had dismissed rumors about the OnePlus 6 featuring a notch display. Even so, OnePlus 6 was leaked earlier this month by Android Central, revealing the notch display, with the same 19:9 aspect ratio seen on the Oppo R15.

The Oppo R15’s notch design resembles that of the iPhone X fairly closely, but unlike the iPhone X’s 19.5:9 aspect ratio, the Oppo R15 comes with a 19:9 aspect ratio. Additionally, Oppo has kept the bezels to a minimum on the sides, and has a small chin on the bottom. On the back, the smartphone features a dual-camera setup with the module setup horizontally.

It's worth remembering that OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo are all a part of China-based electronics maker BBK Electronics. Additionally, OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo Electronic, and often uses Oppo’s designs for its smartphones. This has been evident for a couple of OnePlus smartphones iterations now.

It’s not all the same, though

However, the similarities might end there. While OnePlus has borrowed from Oppo’s designs, the smartphone maker has stuck to using a near-stock Android interface for the international markets in addition to using high-end hardware like the latest Qualcomm chipsets and fast memory. OnePlus also continues to offer its phones at prices lower than other flagships.

We'll know all of the facts in a few months. The OnePlus 6 release date could be in June as, by then, the OnePlus 5 launched that month a year ago, and it'll have been seven months since we got the OnePlus 5T.