See the OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers limited edition phone in action

The OnePlus 6 is official, with three distinctive color variants; Mirror Black, Midnight Black and Silk White. However, for those fortunate enough to be in India or China, there's a fourth version.

Say hello to the exclusive OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers limited edition in Karbon Black. 

It's a limited edition handset that's only available in India and China, but we've managed to nab one so we can show you what you're in store for/missing out on.

Pop the handset out of its limited edition, Avengers-embossed box, and you'll notice that it has a few unique styling points. 

The alert slider on the right of the handset is gold, on the back you'll find the Avengers logo and on-screen there are multiple Avengers wallpapers for you to choose from.

Take a closer look at the back and below the glossy Gorilla Glass 5 you'll notice a carbon fiber-style finish, which is where the handset gets it 'Karbon Black' name.

OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers hands on gallery

But wait, there's more...

That's not all, as there are a few goodies in the box too, including a chunky Iron Man protective case, Infinity Wars sticker in OnePlus red and a metal collectible.

The collectible in our box is gold, with Thor's name and hammer on it. It's not clear whether there will be a number of these to collect or whether every box contains a Thor calling card, but we're checking with OnePlus on this.

Finally, the OnePlus 6 Avengers: Infinity War edition comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage - the maximum available from the standard range.

The OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers limited edition will go one sale in India and China on May 29 for Rs 44,999.

You can see the OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers limited edition in action below

John McCann
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