OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition won't make it to the US or UK


You may have heard of the Star Wars emblazoned OnePlus 5T that has been announced in India over the weekend, but we have now had confirmation it won't be coming to either the US or UK.

A OnePlus spokesperson told TechRadar, "It won't be making it over to the UK or North America regions I'm afraid. Just India for the time being."

So far the phone has only been announced for the India market but the exact release date isn't yet set.

OnePlus hasn't ruled out bringing the Star Wars edition of the OnePlus 5T to any other countries, but the company will need to announce it soon to be able to get the phone in customer's palms before the release of The Last Jedi later this month.

Not in your galaxy

The new themed edition of the phone comes with a striking red power button on the side and the Star Wars logo in red on the bottom rear. 

The promotional image also suggests there will be some Star Wars themed software with a First Order stormtrooper wallpaper on the screen of the phone

Apart from those changes it looks to much the same product as the OnePlus 5T we've reviewed and cited its premium look, high-end performance and Face unlock as the highlights of the phone.