Nvidia Turing next-gen graphics cards could be revealed next month

Nvidia Turing

Up until now, we’ve been expecting Volta to be the name of Nvidia’s next generation graphics cards, but the 11-series might be named after another famous physicist.

According to Reuters, Nvidia’s new gaming chip is code named Turing and will be unveiled next month. Aside from that tiny bit of information, the publication doesn’t add other details in its report, so take it with a grain of salt.

That said, Reuters has classically been a reliable source with extensive connections in the business world.

The new code name comes on the back of some recent rumors picked up by Wccftech that suggested Nvidia was preparing a next generation GPU called ‘Ampere'. The report suggests that Nvidia’s current GP102 Pascal chip could be replaced by a new GA104 Ampere Architecture.

Both reports point to an announcement in March, leaving the Games Developer Conference or Nvidia’s own GPU Technology Conference as the likeliest venues for such a reveal. Meanwhile, market availability for Ampere has been rumored for April, so we could have new graphics cards in our hands before long.

Of course, that leads to the question, what about Volta? Based on what we know and the parts already available in the market – including the Titan V and Tesla V100 – it seems Volta is designed as an AI and HPC (high-performance computing) architecture. Then Ampere, Turing or whatever Nvidia ultimately decides as a code name it, will be meant for gaming.

Kevin Lee

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