Nvidia RTX 3090 is allegedly twice as powerful as the RTX 2080 Ti, according to leaked Nvidia slides

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Nvidia RTX 3090 performance benchmarks have allegedly surfaced online just a day before the GPU’s official unveiling.

The leaked slides comes courtesy of tipster Cyberpunkcat (via Wccftech), although it’s worth noting that the authenticity of this rumor not been verified - so we’d advise to take the following with a huge pinch of salt.

If legitimate, the slides - which are allegedly being prepared for Nvidia’s September 1 announcement - show that the so-called RTX 3090 (though we’re still not convinced by that name) will boast 5248 cores, 24GB of GDDR6 memory and a 19.5Gbps memory clock.

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A second slide titled ‘The Ultimate RX Experience’ details the kind of performance you can expect from the graphics card. When pitted against the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti in three gaming titles, the RTX 3090 delivers more than twice the performance in Control, twice the performance in Minecraft RTX, and just short of twice the performance in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. 

While this leak is unverified, this matches up to earlier rumors which claimed the RTX 3090 could be 50% faster than the Turing-based RTX 2080 Ti

This latest leak doesn’t tell us much else about the RTX 3090, although recent speculation also suggested it could be one of the most expensive graphics cards to date

According to the rumor, which appears to come via an internal memo, the GPU will fetch ¥1,3999 in Chinese yuan (about $2,000, £1,500, AU$2,800). If true, this would make the RTX 3090 one of the most expensive consumer graphics cards ever made, and almost twice the price of the RTX 2080 Ti, which launched for $1,199 (£1,099, AU$1,899).

It won’t be long until we find out what’s true and what’s not, as Nvidia will be showcasing its Ampere-based RTX 3000-series cards in 24 hours. TechRadar will be on hand to bring you all of the news as it happens. 

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