Nubia Red Magic 7 could be 2022's best gaming phone and it's coming soon

Nubia Red Magic 6
A Nubia Red Magic 6 (Image credit: Future)

February is proving a busy month for smartphone launches, and Nubia has joined the fray, as it has announced its Red Magic 7 family of gaming phones will come along on February 17.

The company announced this via Weibo, a Chinese social media site that lots of brands from the country use for announcements. 

Other than the launch date, something stands out about the post: the Red Magic 7 is referred to as a 'series', suggesting more than one gaming phone is coming. Leaks suggest at least one phone could have 165W powering, which is staggeringly fast, and both are slated to use the top-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

Nubia's Red Magic phones tend to be mid-range alternatives to pricier gaming handsets from Asus or Lenovo - while we don't list the Red Magic 6 at the top of our rankings of the best mobiles for games, it was this writer's personal favorite from 2021, so we're looking forward to the next-gen version.

It's worth pointing out that the Weibo post says 'Follow + forward, and get a Red Devils 7 gaming phone on February 27' (a competition that's likely only open to Chinese phone fans). When we first read this, we assumed that meant the Red Magic 7 release date would be February 27th, but in hindsight that's not necessarily true - it could just mean that the competition winner would receive the phone then.

Red Magic phones usually debut in China first, but come to other regions like the US and UK without much of a delay, so you could be able to pick up this mobile around March.

Stay tuned for the Nubia Red Magic 7 launch, as we'll bring you everything you need to know about the new devices as soon as we can.

Tom Bedford

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