Nokia 9 render shows bezel-less display and dual front-facing cameras

The Nokia 9 is likely to be one of the first flagships of 2018 and we might have just got our best look yet at it, thanks to a newly leaked render.

The image, spotted on Weibo and shared by 91mobiles, shows a screen with almost no bezel at the left or right edges. There is some bezel above and below, but only a small amount. Although hard to be certain, it looks like it also has an 18:9 aspect ratio like many other recent flagships.

There doesn't appear to be any Nokia branding or buttons on the front, which suggests that the fingerprint scanner will be on the back, as has been rumored before.

Other than the screen though the most interesting aspect of this leak is the dual front-facing cameras. If previous leaks are to be believed then these might also be joined by dual rear cameras.

This could be the Nokia 9, but it looks different to earlier leaks. Credit: 91mobiles / Weibo

This could be the Nokia 9, but it looks different to earlier leaks. Credit: 91mobiles / Weibo

Conflicting reports

However, at least some of what we've seen and heard of the Nokia 9 must be false, as just yesterday a specs list suggested the phone would have a 5MP single-lens selfie camera, while a previous render shows a phone with a curved screen, rather than the flat one shown here.

Usually we'd be more inclined to believe the more recent image, but the lack of Nokia branding on the front here is a definite red flag, given that the likes of the Nokia 8 and Nokia 6 do have the brand name on the front.

So don't count on this image being accurate – and if it is then you'll have to rule out some of the other things we've heard about the phone. But we should know the truth soon, as it's rumored that the Nokia 9 will be announced on January 19.

  • We might see some phones even sooner, at CES 2018

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